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Jeff Kirby


Short Biography

Jeff was born in the upstate and resided here his entire life. He loves the area because he is close to the mountains, ocean, cities, country and everything in between them. His favorite recreational activities are camping, fishing, hunting and motorcycling. Because of the four mild seasons of the upstate he can enjoy his recreation year round! There is no better place to work, live and raise a family!

Before Jeff's career as a Public Servant he worked in industrial and commercial maintenance. This included mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural work. During his career he worked part time as commercial / residential maintenance. While Jeff is no longer a Public Servant he still likes helping others and feels that his past experience will be valuable in helping his clients in the real estate field find what they want.

Jeff feels a person's word and honesty should be kept in all situations and puts his trust in God!


SC Dept. of Corrections Academy
SC Dept. of Corrections Instructor Certification
SC Fire Fighters Certification
SC Criminal Justice Certification
SC Criminal Justice Instructor Certification
SC CWP Certification