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Lisette Raigosa

O: 864-297-3111

C: 864-483-0677

Lisette Raigosa is a South Carolina local since 1980, born in the upstate. Whether you’re looking to relocate or just need a change of scenery, Lisette knows the geographic area like no other. She began her career as a Paralegal, and later studied business, graduating from Greenville Technical College with a keen interest of focusing her efforts in upholding ethical standards held in Small Business Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management.

Lisette Raigosa’s passion exudes even before you meet her. She not only has the emotional abilities to carry your anxieties through life changing transitional processes, she also has the unprecedented skills, expertise, and a solid reputation in giving value to homeowners and business owners alike as a Realtor and a Consultant. As a symbol of gratitude to the public, she is focused on creating an online local community for all of her clients, family, friends, and anyone else who can benefit from enjoying and gathering helpful information. A place where you can learn about the local communities and reach your goals, which includes, but is not limited to the local churches, schools, calendar events, community involvement, recreational activities and staying up to date with what’s going on in our area.

Together you will generate a “dream” map for where you really want to be with ambitions to grow where change doesn’t require an act of Congress or a trust fund. Your “dream” will become a reality with your trusted Realtor, Lisette Raigosa, a Greenville South Carolina native. Simplify your real estate process wherever possible with Lisette’s ambition, passion, and empathy. She can guide you around the sunny hills of this growing city and the surrounding countryside that many describes as the “Tuscany of the South”. You can contact her directly at 864-483-0677 for your buying and/or selling needs. #SCTuscanTourGuideGVL