About JOY Real Estate


A big real estate agency.

Without the attitude.

Joy Bailey started this company almost a half century ago, at a time when people said a woman couldn’t be successful in real estate. Few people believed in her. But she did.

With determination and a lot of help from family and friends, she built this company into what it is today. That effort and can-do attitude is a part of who we are. If we’ve learned anything over the past 40 years, it’s that we don’t take anything or anyone for granted. That includes our customers.

If we don’t help them and treat them right, then someone else will. And though we’re now one of the larger agencies in the region, our approach has stayed the same. When a customer comes to us to sell their home, we want to make sure they sell it for the best value possible. Likewise, when someone comes to us looking for a house, we want to help them find their dream home. Helping people is at the very core of our business. We have a passion for doing what’s best for both our customers and our agents. And we believe long-term success is built upon proving that day-in, day-out. It not only makes us a better real estate agency, it builds friendships that last long after the sale.

“We're independent for a reason—to serve our customers better.”

- Craig Bailey

JOY Real Estate is one of the few large family-owned real estate agencies in the Carolinas. And there's a good reason for that. We don't simply sell real estate. We're not just a business. We are part of the community.

We've helped countless Carolina residents with their real estate needs. And along the way, it occurred to us that by remaining independent, we can remain loyal and focused on the people who matter most: you.

Craig Bailey

Over 70 agents strong.

Our agents are more than co-workers. They're family.
Here are just some of the amazing men and women
Who are among the best in the business.